Our spacious two acre campus is aesthetically planned and child-friendly. Lush green trees form the boundary of the school campus, providing the much-needed green lungs in an urban setting. The classrooms are large and ventilated, with ergonomic furniture.

Class Rooms

The rooms are well ventilated, bright, and child friendly with age appropriate furniture. Pre-primary class rooms have different learning corners that focus on individual learners and their strengths.


Our library is home to around a thousand books carefully selected to expose children to inspiring literary content and research material. Dedicated reading time encourage children to develop a love for books, imagine and enact characters and stories as well as develop a warm bond with their mentors through story telling sessions.


Our art studio is a stimulating place where children give shape to their ideas. The wide range of art, craft and malleable materials allows children to explore and express freely. Exposure to arts gives them the necessary space and time to indulge their creative force into action and get refreshed in the process.

Music Academy      

The music studio is a place that puts a pulse and a beat into children. The exposure to a wide range of songs, rhymes, music genres and instruments enhances all their skills. Children are exposed to many instruments and are encouraged to create and enjoy music